Yoga Session

1. Q: I have never taken yoga previously. Will beginners be able to participate?

A: Yes. The yoga session is geared toward people of all skill levels, including beginners. Come check it out!

2. Q: What do I need to bring with me in order to participate?

A: All you need are comfortable exercise clothes, as well as a cannister filled with water. Please also bring a beach blanket or a yoga mat (if you have one).

3. Q: Is the instructor certified in teaching yoga?

A: Yes. LeeAnn Gerrato, who will be leading our yoga session, is a Certified Yoga Instructor.

4. Q: At what time will the yoga session start?

A: The yoga session will begin at 6 p.m.

5. Q: Where in The Grove Park is the event taking place?

A: The event will be held on the large dias at the base of The Grove Park, which is surrounded in part by a waterfall (see the picture above). To arrive at The Grove Park from Connell Drive, walk up the steps leading from the Connell Drive sidewalk. The steps have 4 large planters – 2 at the base of the steps, and 2 at the top of the steps.

6. Where can I park?

A: There is ample free parking in the surrounding parking lots adjacent to the office buildings in the Connell Center, next to The Grove Park.

7. Q: Is there a rain date?

A: Yes. The rain date is TBD at this time. A determination regarding whether the event will be postponed to the rain date will be made on Friday morning or afternoon, and will be posted on the Berkeley Heights NJ Environmental Commission website (under the Vegan Fest tab) and Facebook page, as well as the Sustainable Berkeley Heights webpage:




8. Q: Where, exactly, is The Grove Park?

A: The Grove Park is a relatively new park in Berkeley Heights. It is located in the Connell Center and is adjacent to Connell Center Drive. It is inbetween the Life Time Fitness Club (walk west on Connell Drive to reach The Grove Park) and the Embassy Suites Hotel (walk east on Connell Drive to reach The Grove Park), and is a short, pleasant walk from each.

9. Q: How do I get to The Grove Park?

A: The following are directions to The Grove Park, by car and by New Jersey Transit:

By Carfrom Berkeley Heights – If you are coming from Berkeley Heights heading east, turn left from Mountain Avenue onto Diamond Hill Road. Proceed to the traffic light at Valley Road, and turn right. Make the first right turn off Valley Road onto Oak Way. Then, make a left turn onto Connell Drive. The Grove Park will be on your right. You will see the steps and four planters leading up to the dias from the corner of Connell Drive and the access road.

By Car from Rt. 78 West – If you are coming from Rt. I-78 West, take Exit 43 (Berkeley Heights). Continue south on Oak Way. Make a right turn onto Connell Drive. Proceed on Connell Drive for approximately a quarter of mile. The Grove Park will be on your right. You will see the steps and four planters leading up to the dias from the corner of Connell Drive and the access road.

By Car from Rt. 78 East – If you are coming from Rt. I-78 East, take Exit 41 (Berkeley Heights). Continue to Drift Road. Turn right on Drift Road, and continue to the traffic light on Plainfield Avenue. Turn right on Plainfield Avenue, stay in the right lane, and take the exit to the Connell Corporate Park. The roadway will lead you behind a corporate building and will end at Connell Drive. Turn left on Connell Drive. Proceed east on Connell Drive, passing the Embassy Suites Hotel. When you reach the feeder road on the right (Connell II Access Road), make a left turn into the crescent-shaped parking lot. The Grove Park will be to the southeast of the parking lot.

By Train– Coming from New York City, take the Morris & Essex line (the green line) train to the Berkeley Heights Station. The Berkeley Heights Station platform is east of and perpendicular to Plainfield Avenue. You will need to take an Uber or Lyft to The Grove Park, as it is approximately a 4-mile walk from the train station to this park. Use the “By Car from Rt. 78 East” directions above to navigate to the venue.